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Emberiza citrinella
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The Yellowhammer is widely distributed throughout central and Northern Europe. Numbers in the UK have fallen drastically in recent years due to changes in farming practices.
Farmland and upland heaths, frequently flocking on arable farms in winter.
The Yellowhammer is a much loved British bird with it's well known summer call of 'A little bit of bread and no cheeeese'. Although males often miss the last bit of the call altogether asking only for  a little bit of bread!
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Emberizidae

Genus:  Emberiza

Species: E. citrinella
The female Yellowhammer is much browner with more streaking on her yellow underside than the male. She has less yellow on her head but still retains the rufous brown rump and white outer tail feathers.
Note the overall bright yellow appearance of the male yellowhammer, most often seen singing from a high perch in spring and early summer.
Female Yellowhammer
Yellowhammer in flight
Identification points of a Yellowhammer
Front view of a Yellowhammer
Adult Female

The male Yellowhammer is a bright yellow bird with a brown back, black tail and rufous brown rump. The males plumage is brightest in the spring, gradually becoming duller as the summer progresses.

Yellow head with brown stripes
Black and brown back
Rufous rump
Rufous brown band on breast
Black tail with white outer tail feathers
Yellow underside with fine streaks
Male Yellowhammer
Female Yellowhammer
Note the distinctive rufous brown rump on this female Yellowhammer and the yellow colouration of her head.
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Yellowhammer Cirl Bunting
Streaking Heavy/thick Light/thin
Body shape Heavy Slight
Upperparts Chestnut/dark Dull brown
Rump Rufous-brown Olive
Leg colour Pale Blackish
Underparts Yellowish Less yellowish
Female Cirl Bunting
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Female Yellowhammer or Female Cirl Bunting?
Female Cirl Bunting, note the very slight rust-brown patches on the birds breast and the birds slight build.