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Adult Male and Female

The male and female Treecreeper are small mouse like birds which hunt insects on the bark of trees, with white underside, mottled brown back and head, long tail and a fine downward curved bill.


Certhia familiaris
Common resident breeder in most of Europe including the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Parts of France, Northern Spain and Eastern Europe.
A bird of deciduous and coniferous woodland, parks and gardens with large trees.

Treecreepers usually feed by working their way up the trunk whilst spiraling around it, their strong tail and feet keeping them upright. Often they will feed out on very thin branches. The bill is well adapted to picking insects out of crevices in bark.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Certhiidae

Genus:  Certhia

Species: C. familiaris
Treecreeper feeding in tree.
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Note the distinctive white underside and mottled brown upper parts, the Treecreeper is a small bird easy to overlook as it is well camouflaged against the bark of trees. It often looks like a small mouse running up a tree. Note the birds long thin curved bill and eye stripe making it hard to confuse with other common species although there are other similar but rarer Treecreepers.
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Treecreeper identification
White underside
White eye stripe
Long light brown tail
Fine curved bill
Brown and black mottled back
Treecreeper flying
Treecreeper flying from below
Adult Treecreeper
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