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Adult Male and Female

The male and female Tree Sparrow have the same plumage, a bright brown cap, black bib, white cheeks with black patch, grey underside and a black and brown streaked back.

Tree Sparrow

Passer montanus
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Resident breeder in most of Europe but only breeds very locally in the UK, largely absent from the South West of England and most of Scotland although it can be found on the East coast around Speyside. It is considered a red list species as it is in serious decline in the UK.
A bird of farmland, parks, gardens and woodland.
Unlike the House Sparrow both sexes are almost identical. The Tree Sparrow nests in holes in trees and buildings and often in nest boxes. It can be a frequent visitor to bird feeders and can appear quite common in localised areas.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Passeridae

Genus:  Passer

Species: P. montanus
Excellent video of a Tree Sparrow.
Further reading...
The Tree Sparrow by Denis Summer-Smith & Robert Gilmor
A complete study of the Tree Sparrow covering the species, breeding habits, feeding, movements and distribution. The author has spent 50 years studying the species and the detail in this book is unsurpassed.
Note the distinctive bright brown cap and facial markings. The birds underside is pale grey contrasting with the rich browns and black of the wings and back.
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Tree Sparrow identification
Bright brown cap
White cheeks with black patch
Grey underside
Tree Sparrow flying
Black and brown streaked back
Adult Tree Sparrow