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In winter the Spotted Redshank has mid-grey upperparts, it's breast and neck is light-grey. The bill is long and dark with a red base. It has a well defined white stripe above the eye. It's legs are bright red.

Spotted Redshank

  Tringa erythropus
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The Spotted Redshank is an elegant looking bird which is an active feeder, often swimming and sweeping it's bill through the water to catch invertebrates.
Order: Charadriiformes

Family: Scolopacidae

Genus:  Tringa

Species: T. erythropus
The Spotted Redshank in summer plumage is unlikely to be confused with any other bird, mostly black, with some white spotting and the characteristic red on the lower mandible. Birds in moult can have varying degrees of black and are often pale with multiple black patches.
Adult Male & Female (Winter)
Breeding distribution
Breeding distribution of the Spotted Redshank
Probably breeding
Confirmed to be breeding in this area
Confirmed breeding sites
Probably breeding
General distribution:
Breeds in Northern Scandinavia, winters as far South as Africa. Some non-breeders remain South. A passage migrant in the UK although some birds stay throughout the winter.
Breeds in wooded tundra but also in more open locations. On passage is usually seen on large muddy estuaries, brackish lagoons and muddy freshwater pools, usually near the sea.
Several different shots of Spotted Redshank in winter plumage.
This image highlights the Spotted Redshank's primary feather markings and the red lower mandible of the bird.
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Note the red on lower mandible and the pronounced eye stripe. The primary feathers have a black and white striped edging to them, this can look like spotting from a distance.
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Adult Male & Female (Summer)
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Spotted Redshank identification

Mid-grey upperparts

Spotted Redshank flying

White underparts

*White and dark edging to primary feathers
*Barred tail
* key ID points
*Dark long thin bill, red on lower mandible
*Red legs

*Legs project beyond tail

*Prominent white eye stripe

Spotted Redshank in winter plumage
Spotted Redshank with spotted primaries
Spotted Redshank in summer plumage
Spotted Redshank showing wings
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The Spotted Redshank has no wing bars, unlike the Common Redshank, with which it is often confused, when in winter plumage.
Spotted Redshank juvenile
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Juvenile birds have an overall grey-brown mottled appearance, it still has a well defined eye stripe, red legs and red lower mandible.

*No wing bars