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The Rook is a large glossy black bird with loose ragged leg feathers and white bare skin around the base of it's bill.


Corvus frugilegus
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Common resident breeder across most of Europe except very North and Mediterranean area.
A bird of farmland with scattered large trees where it nests in small to large colonies, church yards and village squares being particularly favoured.
The sound of a Rook colony is part of the British countryside, loud colonies are hard to ignore especially as they most often choose sites alongside human habitation.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Corvidae

Genus:  Corvus

Species: C. frugilegus
Adult Rook
Rook identification
Rook flying
Rook flying with rounded tail
Peaked crown
Pointed bill
Glossy black body
Bare white skin around bill
Ragged thigh feathers (Carrion Crow has smooth feathers)
Rounded tail (Carrion Crow has square tail)
Adult Rook
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Rounded tail
Note the pointed top to this birds head, the Carrion Crow has a much flatter head.
Crow comparison
Raven flying
Carrion Crow flying
Carrion Crow flying tail open
Rook flying
Rook flying with rounded tail
Jackdaw soaring
Jackdaw flying
Round tail, pointed wings, medium size, pointed bill.
Greyish colour, small size, short wings.
Carrion Crow
Diamond tail, fingered wings, long neck, largest crow.
Group of Ravens flying
Square tail, medium size, short neck.
Hooded Crow
Square tail, medium size, short neck, grey body.
Hooded Crow flying
Hooded Crow flying from side