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Adult Male (Summer)

The male Redstart in spring has a rich orange underside, black face, white crown, grey back and brown wings.


Phoenicurus phoenicurus
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Common resident summer visiting breeder in most of Europe including the UK, winters in Africa. An amber species in UK due to reduced ancient woodland.
The Redstart constantly flicks it tail up and down and flits from branch to branch, spring males are unmistakably beautiful birds. The Redstart nests in holes in trees and readily uses nest boxes. The Redstart has three sounds, a call, an alarm call and a song, all of them frequently heard when Redstarts are present.
A bird of mature woodland with no undergrowth, sometimes at high altitude where trees can be quite scattered.

Order: Passeriformes

Family: Turdidae

Genus:  Phoenicurus

Species: P. phoenicurus
Male Redstart in summer plumage.
This image illustrates the striking appearance of the male Redstart, the white forehead is particularly noticable.
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Female Redstart identification
Female Redstart flying
Juvenile male Redstart identification
Female Redstart from front
Female Redstart
Redstart in summer plumage
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Adult Male (Winter/Autumn)
Male Redstart in winter plumage
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The male bird in winter/autumn plumage looses his black face, his grey back becomes browner and his orange breast much duller.
Pale buff underside
Rust brown tail
Black bill
White eye ring, dark eye
Adult Female
The female bird is much duller, however her dark bill, dark eye, light eye ring and rust red tail still make her quite distinctive. Her plain pale buff breast and underside differentiate her from a winter male who always has a strong tinge of orange. She differs from the mousy grey of the female Black Redstart by being much browner.
Juvenile male Redstart
Juvenile male birds have a white fringe to the black on the face and neck, they also have a white 'v' on the forehead. Juvenile female birds look much like the adult but a little paler and a close examination reveals small crescent shaped markings on the breast.
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Male Redstart identification
Male Redstart flying
White forehead
Black face
Rich orange underside
Grey back
Brown-grey wings
Rust red tail