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The Magpie is a large black and white bird with long tail and crow like head. Many black parts of the bird are actually glossy green to purple but unless seen up close they appear simply black.


Pica pica
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Common resident bird found throughout Europe except Iceland.
Almost any habitat can support Magpies, from town centers to remote moorland.
A hard bird to miss the Magpie is a loud, bold crow, often seen being mobbed by other birds as it searches for nests to raid, it's favorite source of food. The Magpie is unlikely to be confused with any other bird in Europe and it's appearance is familiar to most especially since it is often associated with good or bad luck.

Order: Passeriformes

Family: Corvidae

Genus:  Pica

Species: P. pica
Magpie feeding and drinking in garden
Magpie identification
Magpie tail
Magpie flying
Black head and back
White shoulder and underside
White and black wing tips
Long glossy greenish tail, often appears black
Crow like head
Magpie, pica pica
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