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A shy Jackdaw sized bird, the Jay is a most colourful Corvidae with a pinkish body, black tail, striped crown with black moustache and a bright blue wing panel.


Garrulus glandarius
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Resident breeder across most of Europe, except the far North. Found throughout the UK but not in the very North of Scotland.
A bird woodlands and parks especially oak woods.
A very shy bird, the Jay is almost impossible to watch except where it has become used to people in parks and gardens. It is a voracious predator of birds eggs and fledglings throughout the summer, however in the autumn it becomes preoccupied with acorns and can carry several in it's crop which it buries for later consumption during the winter.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Corvidae

Genus:  Garrulus

Species: G. glandarius
Jay from back
Jay identification
Jay flying
Black tail
Bright blue wing feathers
Striped crown
Pinkish underside and back
Black moustache
White rump
Jay in typical posture
Note the bright blue wing feathers, the pinkish body and the distinctive black moustache, this image also illustrates the birds typical inquisitive posture.
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