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The Jackdaw looks all black but closer inspection reveals a grey nape and back with a jet black crown and wings and unlike other crows a distinctive whitish eye. The Jackdaw is a much smaller bird than the Carrion Crow or Rook.


Corvus monedula
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Resident common breeder across most of Europe. A summer visitor to Northern Europe.
A bird of farmland, parks and towns nesting in ruined buildings, cliffs and holes in trees.
A social noisy bird, the Jackdaw lives and nests in small flocks, although solitary birds will nest in isolation if a suitable nest site is found. The Jackdaw can be quite tame around towns often seeking food from people feeding pigeons in parks. 
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Corvidae

Genus:  Corvus

Species: C. monedula
Flock of Jackdaw feeding
Jackdaw identification
Jackdaw flying
Jackdaw soaring
Jet black crown and face
Black wings and tail
Dark grey neck and back
Whitish eye
Jackdaw feeding
Note the dark cap, grey head and neck and the striking light coloured eye which separates it from all other common crows.
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Raven flying
Carrion Crow flying
Carrion Crow flying tail open
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Rook flying with rounded tail
Jackdaw soaring
Jackdaw flying
Round tail, pointed wings, medium size, pointed bill.
Greyish colour, small size, short wings.
Carrion Crow
Diamond tail, fingered wings, long neck, largest crow.
Group of Ravens flying
Square tail, medium size, short neck.
Hooded Crow
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Hooded Crow flying
Hooded Crow flying from side