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The Hooded Crow is a large glossy black and light grey bird with a broad flat topped head and a thick powerful bill. In flight it has wide square wings and square tail. Very similar to the Carrion Crow except large parts of it's body are light grey.

Hooded Crow

Corvus cornix
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Resident breeder across most of Europe. In the UK is found only in very North and West of Scotland. Also found in Ireland and the Isle of Man. UK numbers increase in winter when migrants arrive from the continent.
A bird of farmland parks, gardens and towns the Hooded Crow can be found in almost any habitat within it's range.
The Hooded Crow is now considered a separate species to the Carrion Crow however they do breed with each other where the birds ranges cross. The birds call, shape and features are identical except for the grey colouration of the Hooded Crow.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Corvidae

Genus:  Corvus

Species: C. cornix
Flock of Hooded Crow feeding
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Hooded Crow identification
Hooded Crow flying
Hooded Crow flying from side
Flat topped head
Thick heavy curved bill
Square wings and tail
Tight smooth feathers on underside
Pale grey body
Adult Hooded Crow
Note the features of this bird are identical to the Carrion Crow except the pale grey body feathers, where the birds ranges cross they will frequently breed leading to birds with mixed colouration.
Crow comparison
Raven flying
Carrion Crow flying
Carrion Crow flying tail open
Rook flying
Rook flying with rounded tail
Jackdaw soaring
Jackdaw flying
Round tail, pointed wings, medium size, pointed bill.
Greyish colour, small size, short wings.
Carrion Crow
Diamond tail, fingered wings, long neck, largest crow.
Group of Ravens flying
Square tail, medium size, short neck.
Hooded Crow
Square tail, medium size, short neck, grey body.
Hooded Crow flying
Hooded Crow flying from side