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Adult Male

The male Blackbird is all black with a bright yellow bill and eye ring.


Turdus merula
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Common resident breeder in most of Europe except Iceland. A summer visitor to Northern Europe.
Woods, gardens and parks, often feeds on lawns or leaf litter under trees.
Often heard scratching dry leaves around to find insects. The Blackbird's rich tuneful song is a common sound at sunrise, often delivered from the very top of a tree. When danger threatens the Blackbird gives a harsh persistent 'chew, chew, chew' call.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Turdidae

Genus:  Turdus

Species: T. merula
Male, female and juvenile Blackbird's at nest and feeding.
The Black body, yellow bill and eye ring, make this Male Blackbird unmistakable.
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Male Blackbird identification
Adult Female
All black
Long tail often cocked upwards
Bright yellow bill and eye ring
Male Blackbird flying
Adult male Blackbird
Female Blackbird identification
Female Blackbird flying
Slightly mottled underside
Light throat colour
Dark brown body
The female Blackbird is dark brown with a slightly lighter brown underside. Her throat can vary from dark to dirty white with streaks.
Adult female Blackbird
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Note the pale streaky throat on this female bird, also note she lacks the bright yellow bill and eye ring of the male. The female bird is not unlike the female Ring Ouzel, which has lighter wings and a more defined light patch across the breast.