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Adult Male
Note the striking red-brown band on this male birds back, the dull white underside and the black mark across the birds face. Also note the small band of red-brown across the front of the head which is not always present.
Winters in the Mediterranean area and is a summer breeding visitor to Northern Europe. A very rare accidental vagrant to the UK, however frequency of visits are increasing.

Breeds in areas of wetlands with tall trees, and especially Willows.
The male and female Penduline Tit are very similar, the female having a slightly less prominent, thinner black mark across her face. Juvenile birds lack the black mark all together and have a uniform plain brown back.

The Penduline Tit is well known for it's remarkable domed nest with entrance tube which it hangs from tree branches.

Penduline Tit

Remiz pendulinus
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Order: Passeriformes

Family: Remizidae

Genus: Remiz

Species: R. pendulinus
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Key identification points of Penduline Tit
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Shiny black cap
Plain winged
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Black mark down face on male
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Penduline Tit
Broad black mark across face
Red-brown back
Dull white underside
Pale grey face
Red-brown band on wings
Penduline Tit (Rare)
Broad black mark across face
Red-brown band on back
Dull white underside
Pale grey face
Plain dark tail
Penduline Tit