Goldcrest identification points
Buff to greenish on underside
Mobile bird identification
Bird Field Guide
White on face around eye
Black stripe with bright yellow crown
Note the dark eye, black stripe from bill and light face with olive-green back. Male and female birds are similar, although in the breeding season the males crown can be more orange than yellow.


Regulus regulus
Olive-green back
Similar Species
Small round shape: no neck
White 'v' shape on back
Play call/song
Black stripe with bright yellow crown
Olive-green upperparts
Very small bird
Whitish face, dark eye
White 'v' shape on back
Warbler Menu
The juvenile bird lacks the black and yellow markings on the crown.
Broad black stripe with bright orange crown
Yellow on side of neck
Broad black eye stripe
'V' shaped wingbar
Orange at base of bill
Adult Male and Female
Common resident throughout most of Europe, except the very far North where it can be a summer visitor.
Parks, gardens and mixed woodland.
The Goldcrest is Europe's smallest bird with little fear of human presence it can often be watched closely as it feeds in the undergrowth.

The male and the female birds are very similar although in the breeding season the male can develop an orange crown.

Goldcrests are restless birds, rarely still, and constantly flitting from branch to branch, often hanging upside down to get at insects.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Regulidae

Genus: Regulus

Species: R.regulus