Firecrest identification points
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Orange at base of bill
Broad black eye stripe
Note the white stripe above the eye, the black stripe through the eye and the flash of yellow on the sides of the neck which easily distinguishes it from the Goldcrest. Otherwise it is a similar shape and size.


Regulus ignicapillus
Yellow on side of neck
Similar Species
'V' shaped wingbar
Black stripe with bright orange crown
Play call/song
Black stripe with bright yellow crown
Olive-green upperparts
Very small bird
Whitish face, dark eye
White 'v' shape on back
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The juvenile bird lacks the black and yellow markings on the crown but still shows the black and white eye stripes and wing bars.
Broad black stripe with bright orange crown
Yellow on side of neck
Broad black eye stripe
'V' shaped wingbar
Orange at base of bill
Adult Firecrest
Juvenile Firecrest
Long cream eye stripe
Two pale wing bars
Very small bird
White wing tips
Greenish-brown upperparts
Yellow-browed Warbler (Rare)
Yellow-browed Warbler
Adult Male and Female
An uncommon resident Breeder in the south coast area of the UK where there are around 600 pair. Numbers can increase in the winter due to migrants. Found throughout Southern Europe down to Africa.
Found in mixed woodland with no particular preference although appears to prefer to nest in conifers.
The male and female adult birds are very similar and are one of the brightest, colourful European birds. Closely related to the Goldcrest it is not unknown for cross breeding to take place. Firecrests are restless birds, rarely still, and constantly flitting from branch to branch, often hanging upside down to get at insects.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Regulidae

Genus: Regulus

Species: R.ignicapillus