Bonelli's Warbler in flight
Bonelli's Warbler

Bonelli's Warbler

Phylloscopus bonelli
Green wings with yellow coverts
Yellow rump in flight is primary method of identification
Similar Species
Willow Warbler
Mobile bird identification
Bird Field Guide
More yellow and olive
Sings from low perch
Hovers to catch insects
Yellowish legs
Does not bob tail down
Garden Warbler
Mostly pale buff brown
Short thick bill
Large dark eye
Slower heavy mover
No eye stripe
Eats berries
Melodious Warbler (Rare)
Dark wings
Large dark eye/pale face
Grey brown legs
Similar to Icterine
Long round wings in flight
Upper parts green
Similar in size to Willow Warbler but much greyer above, whiter below, the yellow rump is difficult to see at rest but if seen can confirm identification.
Grey/brown legs
Plain head, with faint pale line over eye
White underside
More brown, less yellow
Sings from high perch
Clearer eye ring
Blackish legs
Distinctive call
Downward bob of tail
Wood Warbler
Distinctive green back
Yellow breast
Yellow eye stripe
Brownish wings
Long, often drooped wing tips
Distinctive song and singing posture
Adult in flight showing yellow rump
Yellow coverts
Grey/green back
Broad orange-pink bill
Pale lemon underside
Grey legs
Faint pale line over eye
Large head
Long square tail
Icterine Warbler (Rare)
Play call/song
Siberian Chiffchaff (Rare)
No yellow except underwing
Light buff eye stripe
Buff breast and sides
Warm buff behind eye
Winter visitor to UK
Wood Warbler
Icterine warbler
Melodious Warbler
Garden Warbler
Siberian Chiffchaff
Willow warbler
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Adult Male and Female
Very rare vagrant to the UK, widespread across Southern Europe, returning to Africa to winter. Most likely to appear as a vagrant to any area in the UK August/September.
Frequenting scrub, hedges, orchards, and woodland.
The Bonelli's warbler lacks any striking features and is a rather plain grey bird. In flight the yellow rump and coverts can help identification. The Eastern Bonnelli's Warbler is now considered a separate species and is even greyer than the Western bird lacking the yellow coverts.

The Bonelli's call is finch like: a quite 'whee-eet'
Its song is a slow trill not unlike a slower version of the Wood Warblers song.
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Phylloscopidae

Genus: Phyllosccopus

Species: P. Bonelli(Eastern) P.orientalis(Western)