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Adult male
Brown cap


Sylvia atricapilla
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Adult Female
Female bird showing browner back than the male, although the face and throat are still grey. The female also has a tinge of brown on the breast.
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Dull black cap
Pale wing panel
White face
Dull brown back
Warm orange buff flanks
Willow Tit (Rare)
Shiny black cap
Plain winged
White face
Grey-brown upperparts
Grey-buff underparts
Marsh tit
Male Blackcap identification
Blackcap flying
Narrow black cap through eye
Grey-brown back
Grey face and throat
Pale grey underside
Female Blackcap identification
Brown tinge on breast
Male Blackcap head
Female Blackcap head
Thick heavy build for a warbler
Adult male Blackcap
The Male Blackcap has a pale grey underside, browny-grey back and a distinctive black cap. It's build is heavy for a warbler and can appear quite large.
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Note the striking black cap of this male bird, often, as in this image the bird will raise his crown feathers in display.
Adult female Blackcap
Male Blackcap singing
Order: Passeriformes

Family: Sylviidae

Genus: Sylvia

Species: S. atricapilla
Summer visitor from Spain & Italy, breeds in most of Europe except far North. Has become resident in Southern England, although the winter population is thought to be boosted by birds from Eastern Europe. Not found in the North of Scotland.
Thickets and copse, hedge-lines and parkland, is a frequent visitor to bird tables, especially in winter.
A distinctive bird, the Blackcap has a strong and beautiful voice often compared to the Nightingale. The female is the only British passerine with a brown cap. The Blackcap is closely related to the Garden Warbler and often shares the same habitat, although the Blackcap occupies the upper feeding zone of bushes, whilst the Garden warbler usually stays low. The Blackcap is particularly fond of berries.
The male Blackcap can sometimes be confused with a Willow or Marsh Tit. The Blackcap is without a black chin, lacks white cheeks, and the cap does not extend down the back of the neck. The overall body shape is less stocky and the Blackcap is 2cm bigger.